Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monthly Rental of IBM Software for ISV Cloud Application Providers

The opportunity for cloud application providers continues to grow as more businesses and organizations across several industries are turning to variably-priced, web-based software for a wide range of capabilities—from managing electronic health records to delivering industry-focused CRM and business analytics software.

As an independent software vendor, you will be able to offer clients the ability to get new capabilities up and running in a short amount of time without large up-front capital or on-going staffing to maintain the applications and hardware systems.

The new monthly IBM rental pricing model on a broad selection of IBM software enables you to:

  • Build and deliver your cloud applications using IBM software and only pay for what you use each month above your monthly minimum commitment
  • Pay for IBM software as a component of your cloud application solution offering on a monthly basis in a complementary fashion to how you receive payment from your clients
  • Scale software licenses up or down as needed on a monthly basis above your monthly minimum commitment

Take advantage of this opportunity today!

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