Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#IBM #Tivoli Endpoint Manager + #ASL = Increased Profitability and Improved Service Levels for Managed Service Provders

Are you a managed service provider?  Frustrated with how hard it is to manage multiple applications from multiple consoles across increasingly complex and globally distributed networks?  IBM is proud to offer Tivoli Endpoint Manager.

IBM has been working with Managed Service Providers for the last five years.  One of the chief concerns we are hearing from our customers and partners is their frustration with missing market opportunities due to undifferentiated product offerings.

For example, we have client who felt that the competition for business customers was increasing and many new offerings were on the market. They said that needed a way to target new business customers with competitive services without having to deploy more expensive infrastructure equipment.  We provided them with this capability.  The result was that their offerings to business customers were perceived as a higher value therefore they closed 20% more business resulting in an increase in revenue of $50,000 per month.

Here is an example of anther service provider business partner.  They stared using Tivoli Endpoint Manager two years ago.  They were:
  • Having problems managing and patching multiple operating systems and major 3rd party Apps.
  • Getting first pass patch rates of about 60%. 
  • Unable to verify who they had missed.
  • Unable to introduce new services because the build out of the infrastructure and the time to value was too great.
The Solution:
  • After deploying Tivoli Endpoint Manager our partner was able to get a first pass patch rate of between a verified 95% - 99%.
  • Their time to patch went from an average of 2 weeks down to 6 hours across 100,000 endpoints.
  • They were able to add and deploy 3 new services with NO new infrastructure in 6 months that resulted in a monthly increase in revenue of $60,000
I would like to share with you how we can make this happen for you with Tivoli Endpoint Manager and an Application-Specific License agreement.

Feel free to contact me at 770-863-1493 or and I will schedule the resources we will need to discuss your specific requirments and set up a custom demo.

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