Monday, July 15, 2013

Let me help you find new ways to drive greater value from your storage software and hardware investments.

On September 24th of last year, IBM acquired Butterfly Ltd, in order to help our clients find new ways to drive greater value from its storage software and hardware investments.

The focus of the Butterfly assessment is about improving your total cost of ownership, reducing risk and allowing you to adapt to rapidly changing market factors that impact your storage needs.

Using the tools from Butterfly, IBM can provides automated discovery and analysis of your backup environment using empirical data gathered in minutes!  It is not speculative or estimated and unlike many assessments, does not require hours of interviews with your staff.

This data is analyzed and you are provided with a complete visualization of your current environment showing data growth projections, backup policies and occupancy by retention period. This snapshot also recommends a target environment based on a mapping of your needs and existing situation.

The target solution shows a unified solution designed to accommodate 36 months of growth, including legacy data, which as an option, also resolves problems reported by you during the date collection process. In addition to identifying resolved operational issues, a migration plan to the target solution provides high-level project planning.

A differential business cases is presented comparing this target architecture with the one currently installed providing operational and financial projections over a three year period to demonstrate growth and expansion effects both visually and in tabular format.  Consider Butterfly your 3-year Cost of Ownership Assessment for your backup & recovery infrastructure.

Click here to read the white paper.

Please contact me to discuss leveraging Butterfly to help lay the groundwork for improved storage infrastructure optimization at your company.

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