Tuesday, November 12, 2013

iMAP – Implementation Made Affordable Plan

Affordable and flexible assistance from IBM to help you plan and deploy IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure software efficiently and effectively.

What is iMAP?

iMAP or Implementation Made Affordable Plan is designed to bring the breadth and depth of the entire IBM Software Group’s most talented and skilled resources to help you deploy the Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure software you have purchased from IBM.  If you are a customer that wants to perform your own deployment but feel as though  you need some assistance from experts who have the experience of thousands of deployments, then this offering is just right for you.  With this service we recommend that we assist you in the crucial early stages of your project by laying out the implementation road map and strategy which will help avoid those start-up hurdles we have seen many times.

During our partnership, you will most likely have many “How To” type questions that we can address from years of developing “Best Practices” and, better still, we have a full library of expertly developed code, scripts, and techniques which is guaranteed to save you hundreds of hours of work.  All this help, and much more, is included in this offering!

Don’t do it alone – we can make a world of difference to the success of your project.

Choose a service that’s right for you.

This program is offered as a subscription service that can be customized depending on your particular needs.  All contracts are fixed price, billed monthly on equal payments, and are inclusive of travel.  No additional charges.

So take a great leap in insuring your deployment of IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure software is a success by choosing the level of support you need.  Once you have signed a contract with us, we eill assign your point of contact coach who will be with you for the duration of the contract.

For more information regarding this or any IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Service, please visit our web site:  ibm.com/software/tivoli/services/consulting.

  • Experienced IBM technicians
  • Delivers knowledge transfer
  • Lowers risk for key projects
  • Leverage IBM library of code and script
  • Offers add-ons to suit requirements
  • Provides IBM point of contact coach

Offering Options

Basic Package:  A dedicated IBM Software Group coach to support one IBM Cloud and Smarter  Infrastructure product, and one customer contact for six months at a cost of $50,000, with unlimited access to the services below which will be delivered remotely:
  1. Assistance with project planning and strategy development
  2. Assistance with solution design
  3. Advice on best practices
  4. Access to IBM's library of artifacts
  5. Assistance with product installation and configurations
  6. Assistance with product upgrades/fixes
  7. Assistance with problem management, regardless of origin (troubleshooting)
  8. Informal mentoring and knowledge transfer
  1. Add an additional product for $40,000
  2. Add 10 days on-site for $25,000
  3.  Add a customer contact for $5,000
  4.  Add five-day on-site class (up to 12 students) for $20,000

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