Monday, March 31, 2014

Case Study: IBM On-boards 15,000 Devices the First Day after Deploying MaaS360 Mobile Device Management Software

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The IBM CIO Office drives change, innovation and efficiency within the enterprise by helping ensure that the company’s IT operations are responsive, resilient and secure enough to keep pace with ongoing changes in technology and business requirements.

Advancing mobile device security

The CIO Office manages about one hundred-thousand IBM employees’ smartphones and tablets. Not only must it provide these employees with mobile flexibility, it also needs to ensure that these mobile device assets are adequately protected. Achieving these objectives required the office to deliver more than basic mobile device management; it needed to provide advanced mobile application and access security as well as expanded levels of mobile capabilities. Moreover, the CIO Office wanted to deploy these capabilities to 90,000 devices within one month, at a low cost.

Cloud- based mobile management and security

The CIO Office deployed the cloud-based MaaS360 by Fiberlink, an IBM company, mobile device management solution to speed adoption among the over one hundred-thousand IBM mobile users and reduce risk for IBM. Plans include deploying a MaaS360 built-in application security layer, which will allow the software to encrypt and authenticate each user and each application as it is deployed. The device management capabilities of MaaS360, Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, will help IBM easily distribute, update and manage these applications throughout their lifecycle.
Speeding deployment and reducing risk

By using MaaS360 software on the cloud, the CIO organization rapidly extends unprecedented security and mobile device management capabilities to IBM and its mobile users. “We were on-boarding devices on MaaS360 five days after the close of acquisition—15,000 on the first day and over 30,000 in the first week,” says Bill Tworek, executive IT architect for CIO Office. He notes that, to-date, nearly 70,000 IBMers have self-enabled their smartphones and tablets with MaaS360. “It took us less than 3 days to integrate MaaS360 into the IBM architecture and by moving from an on-premises model to a cloud model we’ll save USD 500,000.”

Solution components

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