Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Live Demonstration: Navigate the Datacenter Maze with Server Automation

When:  July 29 at 10 am ET

Datacenters are the lifeline of many organizations and need to be securely managed at all times with any downtime being unacceptable. A look under the hood of a typical datacenter reveals a complex and dynamic environment that comprises of several different server configurations, operating systems, virtualization platforms and implementations. Given today’s climate of growing security breaches and shrinking IT budgets, the task of keeping this diverse mix of local and remote servers secure, compliant and well-managed is almost impossible.

IBM Endpoint Manager for Datacenters optimizes IT efficiency through higher levels of automation and enables you to find and fix problems in minutes across all servers, regardless of OS or connection type, ensuring continuous compliance with security & regulatory policies. This software offers a rich set of pre-built automation that can easily be adapted to create and re-use custom automation flows. Now you can reduce the cost and complexity of datacenter operations while enhancing security, business agility, speed to remediation and accuracy.

Join IBM Endpoint Manager Specialist Brad Fisher s he walks you through how easy it is to:

  • Automate patching of Microsoft Server Clusters
  • Automate server build and deployment
  • Deploy OS and distribute software

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