Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Free Pizza and Webinar! Detect, Deploy, Protect: Endpoint Security Management for Datacenters

Join Champion Solutions Group and IBM to discuss the
explosion of security breaches in the datacenter and the need for visibility and simplification in managing datacenter security.

October 6th from 2pm to 3pm EDT

Register and enjoy a pizza - ON US - during the presentation!
RSVP your order along with your name, phone number,
and address to
and we will confirm your attendance!

Did you know?
  • DDos attacks in the datacenter are up 70% from last year.
  • A recent survey showed that 10% of respondents said they had experienced over 100 DDos attacks in 2013.
  • Most cyber security breaches go undetected for eight months.
Secure your data center!
See how you can reduce your exposure to
Heartbleed and other attacks!

Learn how to...
  • Automate cluster machine patching
  • Automate entire application patching
  • Control rapid virtual machine deployment

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