Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cloud: The New Secret of Success for MSPs

If you are a Managed Service Provider or an IT Solution Provider, I encourage you to read this white paper on the advantages of cloud-based solutions.

Some highlights:
  • Cloud solutions offer reliability, scalability, capacity, focus, and competitive advantage to your customers.  
  • Cloud offerings are not only growing fast, but they are proving to offer substantially higher profit margins for resellers and MSPs vs. on-premisise products.
  • Customers will choose partners based on trust and ability to grow as the need arises.
  • As customers adopt cloud services, there's a clear opportunity for MSPs to resell, provision, and manage these services.
  • Cloud offers opportunity for MSP's to act as an "Outsourced CIO" as the in-house technology team becomes more strategic.
  • MSPs need to decide if they are in the business of "building" or "selling".  Most MSPs lack the capability to "build", so they'll rely heavily on key vendors. 
  • A blended approach (cloud + on-prem) is recommended for MSP's rather than exclusivity one way or the other.
  • Early traction should come from existing customers.
  • Customers still value the local partner/MSP who can provide training, consultation, and issue resolution.
  • MSP's should focus on managing the customer experience, not just the technology.

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