Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Released Today, Kerio Control 9.2 Better Protects Smaller Businesses with Improved Performance

Today, Kerio released Kerio Control 9.2, enhancing our all-in-one network security solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

Release Highlights
  • Kerio Control 9.2 provides faster throughput and better protection of the network, users and company assets without restricting bandwidth, and also provides filtering of incoming network traffic by country.

Key new features:
  • Faster throughput speeds
    • Optimizations to the software running on Kerio Control appliances has significantly improved throughput to ensure full utilization of service available from today's elite Internet Service Providers. Whilst internet speeds are getting faster all around the world, Kerio Control ensures customer networks have the same level of protection with full access to faster throughput.
  • Traffic filtering by country
    • A new Geo-IP filter gives administrators the ability to block incoming connections from specific countries. Kerio Control checks where all incoming traffic is coming from and can block traffic based on the administrators preference.  If an administrator sees unusual or suspicious traffic originating from one country, they have the option to block the whole country either permanently or temporarily. This ensures that the network is protected from potential malicious traffic and also has the benefit of reducing network traffic from unwanted geographical locations.

Contact me to to learn more, or reach out to your preferred Kerio reseller.

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