Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TV Armor

Very rarely do I purchase a consumer product that exceeds my expectations. Even more rare is a purchase that makes me want to become an advocate for the product. However, TV Armor is one of those purchases.

I have been a extremely satisfied TV Armor customer for months now, after purchasing a 46" LCD TV for my family room.

As a father of a four year old and a toddler, I was very concerned with the prospect of my new TV being permanently damaged. Not wanting to mount the TV high on the wall, I began to look for alternatives. (Although, I have come to realize that even had our TV been mounted on a wall, my son has a good enough arm to toss a toy across a room with no problem!)

I found TV Armor and am very pleased that I did. I am so happy with them that I have become an affiliate.

This is a product that I truly believe in and I experience its value every day (the picture above my television with TV Armor).

If you have any questions about it beyond what is on this site, don't hesitate to contact me directly: (Subject Line: TV ARMOR)

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