Thursday, June 13, 2019

Who is ControlScan?

ControlScan managed security and compliance solutions help secure IT networks and protect payment card data. Thousands of businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada partner with us for easy, cost-effective access to the expertise, technologies, and services that keep cyber criminals and data thieves at bay. We have highly credentialed cybersecurity and compliance experts, 24x7 managed detection and response, advanced endpoint protection, managed UTM firewall services, ASV vulnerability scanning, QSA and HIPAA assessments, security penetration testing, PCI compliance programs and more!

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

RetailNOW 2019

My colleagues and I will be at RetailNOW 2019 in San Antonio
at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, July 28th - 30th.

If you are attending, be sure to come by Booth 443 to learn about ControlScan an our services!
ControlScan managed security and compliance solutions help secure IT networks and protect payment card data. With highly-credentialed cybersecurity and compliance experts, 24×7 managed detection and response, advanced endpoint protection, managed UTM firewall services, vulnerability scanning, QSA and HIPAA assessments, penetration testing, PCI compliance programs and more, we’ve got your back.

Friday, June 7, 2019

ControlScan is Bringing Managed Detection and Response to Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Cyberattacks are ongoing. Today, there are an average of 20 to 100 attacks every minute.  Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) in today’s market need cybersecurity more than ever.  That’s where ControlScan MDR comes in.  We work with SMBs and develop an individualized program to make sure that they are protected and don’t have to worry.  ControlScan’s Managed Detections and Response (MDR) services treat every attack as a serious attack.
Stopping cybercriminals day-in and day-out is what our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts look forward to.  Our SOC analysts work with our clients on an ongoing basis.  We are able to provide 24/7 “eyes on glass” support:  our analysts are watching our clients’ systems even while they are sleeping.  This gives them peace of mind about their operations.
Historically, we find that the companies that are attacked are those that can provide some financial gain to cybercriminals or those that contain data that is valuable cybercriminals.  Over 90% of attacks that happen today are started through phishing campaigns and various other “social engineering” types of attacks.  These are predominantly through email that can be read through traditional desktop/laptop-based systems.  However, we continue to see further movement toward attacks on mobile devices.
When a company looks at a breach, they not only need to look at it from a financial standpoint, but also from the standpoint of their reputation.  While they are down and not available, their customers still need the service that is being provided.  So, they may be going to a competitor.  Once they have made that move to a competitor – are they really going to come back?
The average time to detection within an organization today is anywhere from three to nine months.  Within the ControlScan SOC, we are able to identify threats in our clients’ network within seconds to minutes.  Through our analysts’ capabilities, we then make a decision within a ten minute timeframe and we aim to have a remediation in place within sixty minutes.

Most SMBs do not have the manpower to effectively detect and remediate cyberattacks.  Cybercriminals see these businesses as an easy target.  ControlScan is here to truly be an extension of their team and to be a trusted advisor.  Our analysts are here to identify threats and work with our clients’ teams to keep them protected.  This allows them to focus on their business initiatives and goals while not having to worry about all the ancillary cybersecurity threats that are out there.

Who is watching YOUR network?  Contact me today to learn more about our Managed Detection and Response solution – and any of our other compliance and security solutions.

At ControlScan, we’ve got your back.

Friday, May 24, 2019

ControlScan's very own Tom Callahan will be speaking on the Endpoint Security Panel at SecureWorld Atlanta!

ControlScan's Director of Operations - MDR, Tom Callahan, will be speaking on the Endpoint Security Panel on Thu, May 30th at 1:15pm at SecureWorld Atlanta.

The Battle for the Endpoint Continues

What are you doing to keep the network safe for your employees?  

You've got your fancy next-gen firewall and some anti-virus.......Maybe even some biometrics or 2FA thrown in for safekeeping.......We also keep hearing the IAM acronym thrown around.......And what is Zero Trust?  What are you missing?  Oh, yeah...remote workers and IoT!

Wouldn't it be cool if you had someone to ask? Now you do. This panel will go through these questions and much more. Join Tom and the group discussion as they address the challenges in endpoint and network security.

And, while you're at SecureWorld Atlanta, swing by Booth 272 to talk security and compliance with my colleagues and I and let us show you what ControlScan can do!
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Thursday, May 23, 2019

SecureWorld Cybersecurity Conference 2019

My colleagues and I will be at the
at Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, May 29-30!

If you are attending, be sure to come by Booth 272 to learn about ControlScan and our services!
ControlScan managed security and compliance solutions help secure IT networks and protect payment card data. With highly-credentialed cybersecurity and compliance experts, 24×7 managed detection and response, advanced endpoint protection, managed UTM firewall services, vulnerability scanning, QSA and HIPAA assessments, penetration testing, PCI compliance programs and more, we’ve got your back.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Penetration Tests vs. Vulnerability Scans: What's the difference?

Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are both required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), but there is often confusion about the differences between the two services.
Vulnerability scans look for known vulnerabilities in your systems and report potential exposures.

Penetration tests are intended to exploit weaknesses in the architecture of your IT network and determine the degree to which a malicious attacker can gain unauthorized access to your assets.

A vulnerability scan is typically automated, while a penetration test is a manual test performed by a security professional.

Here's a good analogy: A vulnerability scan is like walking up to a door, checking to see if it is unlocked, and stopping there. A penetration test goes a bit further; it not only checks to see if the door is unlocked, but it also opens the door and walks right in.

CLICK HERE for a side-by-side comparison of the two services.

Contact me today to learn more about these services as well as all the other compliance and security services that ControlScan provides!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Is your company protected?

Your company's networks are being probed, prodded and possibly attacked countless times every day. Unless you're monitoring your logs, you're likely unaware all this actvity is taking place. Awareness is a critical element of an effective defense.

Are you aware of your security shortcomings?

Network and Application Layer Penetration Test simulates a real-world attack against your network infrastructure and information systems in order to see how far an attacker would actually be able to progress within your cardholder data environment. In short, penetration tests expose holes in your defense.

Do you need a Pen Test?

If you think you may need a pen test — or aren't sure — give me a call! I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, ControlScan subject matter experts have put together helpful information:

  • Learn about penetration tests in this blog post by industry expert Chris Bucolo;
  • Read how SaaS company QuickSilk confirmed their security posture through a ControlScan penetration test; and
  • Watch this to learn how to select the right penetration testing service company.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Why ControlScan Managed Detection and Response?

Cybersecurity tools like firewalls, SIEM systems, and endpoint security technologies are designed to help protect your IT network. But without an actual human to actively utilize the data coming from these tools, your security defenses are essentially on autopilot.

It's not just how good your tools are.  It's who's leveraging them.

Human interaction is necessary for true network visibility, so potential threats can be identified and appropriately addressed in real time. That's why we have highly trained security operations analysts working in our U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC) to perform 24x7 threat detection and response for our customers.

We've got your back.
Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is delivered as a transparent extension of your business. We take your cybersecurity off autopilot and put you in control.

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Learn more about the new GO2 Foundation on April 16th!

Learn more about this exciting merger next Tuesday, April 16th at the monthly Lung Cancer Living Room.

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer co-founders Laurie Fenton Ambrose and Bonnie Addario will share more about how the union of these two leading-edge lung cancer organizations came together and what their plans are for the future!

All the details, including how you can watch the live-stream, are HERE.

Click here to view the flyer.

The Nation’s Leading Lung Cancer Organizations Join Forces to Launch “GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer"

Merger combines more than thirty years of patient-centered expertise to Empower Everyone, Ignore No One.


(San Carlos, CA and Washington, DC) – Two of the most effective and influential nonprofit organizations serving the lung cancer community, the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) and Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) today proudly announced they are joining forces as the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer. Together they become the “go-to” local and global force serving and advocating for the needs of the millions of people who are vulnerable, at risk or diagnosed, and all others impacted by or impacting the disease.

“We are thrilled to blend our talent, resources, commitment and compassion to create this powerhouse foundation,” said Bonnie J. Addario, lung cancer survivor, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, and most recently Founder and Chair of ALCF. “The GO2 Foundation will transform what it means to live with lung cancer and increase the patient survival rate of the world’s number one cancer killer annually. Together we will continue to break barriers and save lives.”

With more than three decades of combined expertise, a shared “patients-first” philosophy and complementary programming, the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer launches with principal offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC. GO2 Foundation will be maximizing resources and staff expertise, integrating and growing networks to reach and support more people, expanding patient- centered research, and amplifying awareness of the steep challenges and needs facing the lung cancer community.

“We are on the cusp of early detection and treatment breakthroughs that will forever alter the future of the disease,” said Laurie Fenton Ambrose, Co-Founder, President and CEO of GO2 Foundation, and most recently President and CEO of LCA. “We are seizing this moment to harness this energy and build greater capacity to reach more people with life-saving benefits, personalized care and comprehensive services that fulfill our credo to ‘Empower Everyone, Ignore No One.’”

GO2 Foundation priorities include:

  • Serving the at risk, patient and caregiver communities through professional, credible, free patient-support services that include personalized screening, treatment and clinical trial navigation, molecular testing, peer-to-peer mentoring, and support forums;
  • Advancing world class academic, community and patient-centered research that spans the continuum of care for lung cancer detection, treatment and survivorship;
  • Empowering millions to take direct advocacy action for a health care system that puts the interests of people first to achieve historic increases in federal research funding, new treatment approvals and coverage and reimbursement for better access and delivery of care;
  • Expanding access to excellence in screening, care, treatment and survivorship across all 50 states to ensure that anyone at risk or diagnosed with lung cancer benefits from life-saving services closer to home.

To help launch GO2 Foundation’s catalytic programs, a $15 million challenge grant is being provided in memory of Skip Viragh, a respected and successful financial entrepreneur who inspired those around him to seek innovative solutions and high impact results. This grant, the largest single gift ever for lung cancer, will support GO2 Foundation’s vital work to unite a community that empowers people, increases survival, drives innovative research, and changes the future of lung cancer.

“I know that Skip would be pleased to see his donation going to a visionary organization that aligns with his ‘can-do’ spirit and strong sense of purpose that guided his life,” said a close family member. “Like Skip, who always inspired his team to be strategic and think big, GO2 Foundation embraces this same spirit to make the most profound impact ever on lung cancer survival. We hope this challenge grant in Skip’s memory encourages other donors to step up and sustain this critical life-saving work.”

With this historic gift and combined forces, the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer will transform survivorship as the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving, improving and extending the lives of millions at risk for or living with the disease.

For more information, please visit

CONTACT:  Julia Spiess Lewis | | (916) 658-0144

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Technology Partnerships for Better Payment and Merchant Security - Managed Security and Compliance by ControlScan

Take a trip to Mike's Bistro in Manhattan to learn how a payments and security technology partnership between ControlScan, Heartland Payment Systems, and Manhattan POS helps keep this fine-dining restaurant running securely and efficiently.

"From a fast food restaurant, to a five-star restaurant, to a diner, we’re able to meet those needs to provide a secure network. Not only for the payment processing, the wi-fi, the point-of-sale software, that we can have all of those work together within the ControlScan firewall. With public wi-fi it adds another level of security, but it’s seamless within the ControlScan product." - Christopher Baumhardt, Manhattan POS

"ControlScan has been a great partner with us at Heartland because they've allowed our program to wrap around theirs versus having to conform to something different. So that has allowed for our merchants to have a great experience and also blend cleanly into our reseller network, which is crucial to our system delivery."
- Bill Fultz, Heartland Payment Systems 

"Protecting my clientele is very important. Our guests come in anywhere from 20 to 50 times in one year. They're very much a part of our family. A lot of my guests have corporate accounts and they come here for business. I'm sure they don't want that to be compromised as I wouldn't want it to be compromised. It's a trust." - Mike Gershkovich, Mike's Bistro

"Through our partnership with ControlScan we're able to get the latest and greatest (on) security and technology approaches long before the industry is asking for them. So this gives us a competitive advantage together to address our merchants needs proactively rather than waiting to hear it on the news."
- Bill Fultz, Heartland Payment Systems

Are you a POS reseller? An MSP? Contact me today to learn more about our partnership program!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

ControlScan Endpoint Security with Managed Detection and Response - The Capabilities You Need

ControlScan’s Endpoint Security with Managed Detection and Response provides detection based on:
  • Known pattern/hash lists (traditional antivirus and anti-malware)
  • Behavioral monitoring of process execution
  • Machine learning to identify anomalous or nontraditional applications or documents

ControlScan’s capabilities direct to the agent include:
  • Process blocking and blacklisting
  • Malicious file identification and removal
  • Containment of device from all network resources
  • Security Operations Center Analysts connect into device to clean up and remove any malicious files not automatically removed
  • Triage with internal or third party support teams in the event of hands-on requirements or system re imaging requirements

Controlscan’s solution is not software-only licensing.  It is not just a software deployment.  It is a 24x7x365 managed solution that not only provides detection and immediate response to any threats, but also handles the ongoing policy updates, modifications, and software updates required for the agents.

Remember:  you have an average of three minutes before a single breached endpoint begins lateral movement to infect other systems. The standard rule is 1-10-60.
  • Detection within one minute
  • Investigation completion within ten minutes
  • Removal of the threat within 60 minutes

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Risk Management Firm Employs ControlScan MDR to Safeguard HIPAA-Compliant Data

Managed detection and response partnership provides
peace of mind following ransomware attack.

Check out the success story HERE.