Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are your data backups killing you? Learn about STORServer Backup Applicances today! #in #ibmtivoli

***Updated Information:  IBM/STORServer Business Partner, CHATR Data Solutions, is scheduling a free webinar to go over this amazing appliance on May 23rd at noon.  CLICK HERE to learn more!***
- Joe Gaeta, 5/16/12


STORServer Backup Appliances are entry level, fully integrated, scalable, solutions for backup and archive. Each appliance includes certified hardware and easy-to-use software for comprehensive, reliable data protection.  This appliance is built on IBM’s hardware and software and sets a new bar for ease of use, automation, and reliability. 

Features include:
  • Centralized management
  • Single point of contact for training, warranty and support
  • Support for most OS, email and database platforms
  • Disk-to-disk OR disk-to-tape
  • NAS, SAN, LAN, WAN friendly
  • Integrates smoothly with most storage devices
  • Support for remote and branch offices
  • Policy-based data retention
  • Automated tape management

Benefits include:
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Reduced network-bandwidth
  • Minutes a day to manage
  • Full backup immediately available for restore  
  • Meets RPO, RTO and business continuity requirements
  • Scalable - STORServer solves your backup problem "Once and for all"
If you are an smaller enterprise requiring 7TB to 40TB of data storage, STORServer has a solution to get you started AND keep you going as your needs change.
In the New York area?  CHATR Data Solutions is the top reseller of the STORServer appliance.  Check out their STORServer demo video from this year's PULSE Conference in Las Vegas:

Contact me today to schedule an appointment with CHATR Data Solutions, an IBM Business Partner and STORServer expert!

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