Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transform your organization with lightning-fast #analytics driven insights from @IBMNetezza #in

The IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance dramatically simplifies your data warehouse infrastructure while delivering superior performance and enhanced analytic capabilities.  It easily consolidates meaningful data from all of your various existing applications.  IBM Netezza is fully compatible with market-leading BI tools and applications.  This highly scalable appliance boasts 99.99% up-time and is very simple to deploy, to manage, and to use.  No tuning, indexing, or configuring is required!  The IBM Netezza appliance is delivered to you “shrink-wrapped” – the server, storage, and warehouse software is all in there – pre-optimized and completely ready for you to load data and to immediately begin producing reports using your existing tools if desired.  And, it has a low total cost of ownership!

IBM Netezza delivers value and simplicity and it has an extremely fast time to value.  It drives results.  It enables your organization to dive deep into your data and run analytics that were previously impossible or impractical – allowing you to quickly and easily deliver valuable reports to your end-users.  IBM Netezza drives business value.  Our customers are glad to share their success stories – they have realized dramatic benefits to their business at a fraction of the cost of options available from traditional vendors.

The IBM Netezza data warehouse is being used by many of our clients to provide a robust and easy-to-use/easy-to-deploy infrastructure to support additional analytic reporting environments not currently being met by the existing warehouse.  It is also being used by many to offload certain workloads (especially those where superior performance is critical) from an existing warehouse.  Additionally, IBM Netezza is being utilized to reduce the coverall and on-going costs associated with warehouse environments.

This appliance can quickly and easily become a powerful component of your business intelligence environment.

Speed of Installation
  • Installs in about 48 hours

Speed of Development and Deployment
  • No configuration
  • No physical modeling
  • No indexes
  • No tuning – out of the box performance!

Speed of Loading
  • 1.5 TB – 2 TB+ per Hour Load Speed

Speed of Transformations/Aggregations
Speed of Queries
  • 10 to 100+ times faster

Speed of Data Access
  • Lower latency – load and query simultaneously

Speed of Migration
  • Data model agnostic
Let us prove it to you with a Proof of Concept at your site, with you data – at no cost to you!  Contact me today at ibm.com/myrep/jagaeta.

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