Friday, August 23, 2013

Save Time and Valuable Resources with a STORServer Appliance for a Turn-Key Backup Solution!

What Is A STORServer Backup Appliance?
STORServer Data Sheet                     IDC Vendor Profile
  • The Competitive Leader In Data Protection with Appliances:
    • Turn-key solution for backup, archive, and disaster recovery. 
    • Includes hardware, software, installation, training and support. 
    • Scalable, full-feature solution for offices up to enterprise datacenters. 
    • Network implementation, capable of backing up all popular machines.
      • LAN, WAN, SAN, and DAS
  • Automates Data Protection
    • Easy to learn, manage and install (typical install is days, not weeks)
    • OTTC (One Throat To Choke) Support
    • Easy migration with technology evolution
    • Maximizes Return On Investment and reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Scalable to meet the needs of small office environments – from 2-10 Tbytes up to large datacenters with many hundreds of Tbytes.  Based on “Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for each customer the requirements will be different.  Plus, the Service Level Agreements for the type of support contract (SLA) each customer has their own expectations.

The STORServer appliances size more toward how much data changes in an environment every day rather than the total amount of data to backup or archive.  Since STORServer appliances only backup changes, keeping track of everything already backed up, this daily change rate establishes the processing power and appliance strength needed.

Each backup appliance can tackle up to 4 Billion objects at a time, so the sizing for any one appliance relies upon the daily traffic required.

STORServer’s models allow customers to tailor a solution combining the best of servers, storage (disk, tape or SSD), licensing and support.  Cloud locations for disaster recovery are also available in all models.

Scalable in every aspect, the STORServer will grow as you grow by adding new features, upgrading server, and storage options.

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