Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NEW! TSM Entry 7.1: Advanced Data Protection for Small & Mid-sized Organizations

Are you struggling with exponential data growth, increasing complexity, and shrinking budgets for protecting your data? Do you lack Storage or Backup Administration Experts?

IBM brings to you an easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to buy data protection solution that delivers capabilities used by larger enterprises but tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized organizations.

Here is how IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Entry v7.1 can help:

  • Get complete and advanced data protection capabilities at reduced license costs. (Worth its price.)
  • See the health of your backup at a glance from any browser enabled device, you can have your VMware administrators configure, schedule and monitor backups using VMware interfaces. (You don’t have to be a Storage expert.)
  • It can reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 38%. You can Install and configure TSM Server in as little as 3 hours. (Saves you both money and time.)
  • Whether you use virtual environments, Windows or Linux applications, you can take advantage of new methodologies from TSM Entry. (Modernizes your data protection solution.)

If that’s not reason enough for you to check out this new solution, then think of IBM’s 20 years of data protection experience with more than 20,000 active customers. Tivoli Storage Manager provides unified recovery management like no other, and now the same advanced capabilities are available for the mid-market. Check it out for yourself.

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