Thursday, May 7, 2015

Free ILMT Webinar


With today's multi-core chip technologies and the proliferation of virtual environments, it is getting more difficult for customers to count and manage their PVU consumption. ILMT automates the license management process by providing valuable reporting of your software usage, keeping you in compliance with your entitlements.

ILMT is also a requirement for customers running IBM software in a virtual environment - "IPAA Section 1.14 Client's Reporting Responsibilities".

In this webinar, PreferredPartner and IBM will tackle an in-depth look at ILMT.  We'll examine how this tool impacts your IBM environment and explore how to leverage the tool to cut your exposure to audits

This 1-hour  webinar will focus on:
  • What is IBM Sub-Capacity Licensing and how do I qualify for it?
  • What is ILMT and why is it now a mandatory requirement?
  • How can ILMT help remove the threat of lengthy, costly audits?
  • How can ILMT help decrease our software costs by optimizing software license metering?
  • What is involved in installing and supporting ILMT?
We will also cover additional benefits of ILMT and how it can be leveraged in other parts of your business.

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