Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Divas with a Cause!

4-time Dancing for Joan vocalist and band leader, Gwen Hughes, is a Diva with a Cause.  She'll be performing on Sunday, June 19th at The Buckhead Theater (formerly the Roxy) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gwen will be representing The Joan Gaeta Lung Cancer Fund.

Thanks, Gwen!

UPDATE:  Concert information is HERE!

The History of "Divas with a Cause"
by Maryline Blackburn

After finding out that my mother was at stage 3 of Renal Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), I spent two months in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was nursing her back to some normalcy of health and the quality of life to which she was accustomed to living. I found that there was so much more for me to know about Kidney Disease, such as the symptoms, treatments, etc. I figured that if I did not know this, then surely there were other individuals who did not know either. I was appalled to find out that some 1.4 million Georgians suffer with Chronic Kidney Disease. I wanted to be able to share this, and began to think about how I could relay this information. What would truly grab the attention of the millions of individuals who, unbeknownst to them, have CKD knocking on their back door? I thought, well, people know me for singing, so what better way than through music!

As I began to visualize how I could get my message across, it occurred to me that there are other issues that people need to be made aware of, as well. So, what if I did an all female concert with several Atlantans that I have had the opportunity to share the stage with and truly admire? Each performer would be able to represent and bring awareness to a specific cause. Voilà! DIVAS WITH A CAUSE was born!

DIVA: a celebrated female singer, outstanding talent in the world of opera, closely related to that of "prima donna." Derived from the Italian noun "diva," which is a female deity. The basic sense of the term is "goddess," and thus distantly related to the Hindu term "deva."

DIVAS WITH A CAUSE is a group of phenomenal vocalists with a shared vision. Our contribution of time and energy to the community has brought us together to motivate, educate and create more awareness about the causes that are dear to our hearts. We are dedicated to inspiring individuals to learn more about issues that can have detrimental effects on their lives. We want to give back, for as Luke 12:48 states, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."

We are Dynamic Intellectual Vivacious Altruistic Singers with causes, who know that knowledge is power! We become more powerful when we share our knowledge about our various causes with others in the hope of giving them the power to conquer or make the necessary changes for a better quality of life.

Welcome to the DIVAS WITH A CAUSE website. We hope and pray that our actions and words will truly speak loudly and clearly to your hearts. We are setting out to make a difference in the lives of those individuals who are affected by these causes.

So, yes we are "DIVAS" ... not "just beCAUSE" but "with a CAUSE." Thank you for visiting DIVAS WITH A CAUSE.

- Maryline Blackburn

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