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IBM Software ASL: Your Solution. Your Customer. Your Profit. [#ibmpartners #ibmsoftware]

The IBM ASL agreement is designed for Business Partners who develop and sell business solutions that contain IBM middleware software. This offering is implemented via a direct contract between IBM and the Business Partner. Under this contract, IBM will provide a master copy of each IBM middleware software offering. The Business Partner copies and bundles the IBM software (ASL) into their solution(s).

The Business Partner is required to make a revenue commitment in order to qualify for a discounted price under this initiative. The discounts for Programs and Maintenance Renewals will be based on the Business Partner’s revenue commitment and on the size of their initial purchase.  (ASL contracts without a revenue commitment ("earned discount") are also available, but they provide a much lower discount .)


  • The Business Partner owns the customer relationship for their solution
  • Prices for Programs and Maintenance Renewals are protected for the 1 year term of the contract
  • IBM provides telephone defect support to the Business Partner for the IBM middleware software licenses covered under Maintenance
  • The barrier for entry into the initiative is low

Target audience

  • Business Partners who sell solutions that are based on their own value add and are built around, or designed to operate on, IBM middleware software
  • Business Partners who are capable of identifying and pursuing new customer opportunities
  • Business Partners who have the in-house capability to replicate IBM licensed code and integrate it with their value add into a solution

Criteria to participate

To qualify for participation in the IBM ASL initiative, a Business Partner must:

  • Have a value add that is of higher value than the IBM software that they will sell as part of their solution
  • Agree to market the IBM middleware software only as part of their solution
  • Agree to be the entire interface to their customers for support of the IBM middleware software, and provide support as specified in the ASL Agreement

Contract stipulation

Business Partners must accept the terms and conditions of the IBM ASL Software Agreement (Base Agreement, Transaction Document(s), and applicable Attachment(s)), and the terms and processes contained in the IBM Standard ASL Operations Guide.

ASL and IBM PartnerWorld

Maximize your potential with IBM PartnerWorld. We have the resources you want—and the tools you need—to expand your reach, grow your revenue, and lower your costs today. The ASL relationship allows you to deliver the real-world solutions that customers demand. It’s what we do together—that sets us apart.


  • Help you enhance your solutions and cut your development costs and training
  • Assist with identifying new opportunities and reducing time to market
  • Enable you to market and sell more effectively

There are over 40 IBM Innovation Centers around the world to help Business Partners grow their business locally and globally:

  • Offering opportunities to build skills to help our ecosystem remain relevant, competitive, and innovative with education resources
  • Helping Business Partners develop and build solutions on a growth platform based on industry standards with technical expertise
  • Helping the community understand how to increase revenue with IBM through marketing & sales support
  • Promoting seamless collaboration across a holistic community of business, technology, and academic innovators
As your PartnerWorld membership level progresses from "Member" to "Advanced" to "Premier," access to IBM sales, marketing, training and technical support offerings increases. ASL Revenue helps progress your membership level. It is tracked and combined with your achievement in other categories (IBM Server, Software, and Services revenue, skills, and customer satisfaction) to accrue points toward PartnerWorld level advancement.

IBM ASL Software Revenue and your PartnerWorld membership level

As an IBM ASL Business Partner, sales of all new ASL licenses and/or new ASL Maintenance revenue earns you points toward your PartnerWorld membership level.

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