Thursday, September 15, 2011

#IBMLotus and #ASL: Value for You and Your Client

Fourth  in my "Value for You and Your Client" series of posts. Here, I will focus on IBM's Lotus software brand.

I will show how these offerings - combined with an ASL Agreement - can positively affect your bottom line by offering a superior solution to your client and providing you with reduced development costs, greater account control, and increased revenue.

LotusLive:  Offers market-leading collaborative software solutions under a contract vehicle to Teclos that is more adaptable to how they sell to their end customers.

  • Your application can become more competitive by improving your client's total cost of ownership
  • 83% storage cost savings / 30-35% support cost savings
  • 50% more processing power with 1/2 the number of CPUs

Notes/Domino:  Upgrade to 8.5 and experience significant and rapid infrastructure savings while innovating through advanced collaboration.

  • Notes/Domino 8.5 drives savings as high as:
  • Storage related savings 40-60%
  • Security/ID management savings of 25%
  • Admin/maintenance savings of 30%
  • Additional hardware consolidation savings of 30%

Portal+ Mix:  Exceptional Web Experience (Project Northstar) allows you to to use a flexible, comprehensive offering, bringing together essential features and functionality tailored to help your cleints provide their customers with an exceptional and engaging online experience. IBM Customer Experience Suite enables clients to respond more rapidly and confidently to customer needs and expectations - and reach across multiple online channels - all while helping boost customer satisfaction, brand recognition and profitability.

Businesses are built on customer relationships. Increasingly, such relationships are developing and growing over the Web, requiring organizations to make use of online channels to attract, retain, and delight customers and citizens. Some of factors driving businesses to reexamine the effectiveness and compellingness of their Web channels, and therefore differentiate themselves from their competitors, include the need to: 

  • Drive revenue & increase brand loyalty with enhanced web experiences that include native social & mobile capabilities 
  • Improve customer satisfaction & reduce costs through online self-service that's quick and easy to use 
  • Deliver greater flexibility & drive incremental value by creating personalized web experiences that seamlessly combine back-end applications, commerce solutions, social media sites, and cloud-based services 

Connections:  IBM Lotus Connections is social software designed specifically for the demanding requirements of business. It lets you utilize the collective knowledge of your organization, partners, and customers by dynamically building new connections between people, the information they know, and the tasks they are executing.

With IBM Lotus Connections, businesses of all sizes can be empowered to be more innovative and execute more quickly by using dynamic networks of coworkers, partners and customers. Leveraging these new community collaboration tools, customers now have the ability to: complete projects involving geographically dispersed workers more efficiently, build more responsive teams by enabling them to more quickly find needed experts and information. 

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