Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NYC #DigitalMedia Company Succeeds w/ @IBMAnalytics #in

A New York City digital media marketing firm recently invested $1 million in IBM Netezza in order to move from merely data analytics to Smarter Analytics.  Don’t get left behind your competitors; consider what IBM’s Smarter Analytics Solutions and  Netezza have to offer today.

IBM Netezza’s analytic appliance helps digital media companies like Google, MediaMath, InterClick, AppNexus, AOL Advertising, and 24x7 Real Media better monetize their content and services.  IBM Netezza has developed an innovative new low-cost, easy-to-use solution that enables rapid analysis of the vast quantities of clickstream and customer data that digital media companies already collect daily.

IBM Netezza Digital Media Clients

IBM Netezza’s Analytic Appliance enables a best-of-breed approach to solving common digital media challenges involving ad targeting, yield optimization, attribution analysis, and website optimization.  Ultimately, IBM Netezza’s simple high-performance solution for terabyte-scale data analysis helps digital media companies to better deliver the right messages to the right people at the right times.  Solving this problem translates directly into increased advertising revenue, subscription revenue, and transaction revenue. With its raw performance and simplicity, the IBM Netezza appliance powers real-time, in-depth analyses of year-over-year data to optimize essential digital media solutions such as:

•           Ad Targeting (search, display, email, direct mail)
•           Website Optimization
•           Yield Optimization
•           Click-thru / View-thru Analysis
•           Ad Sales Analysis and Inventory Forecasting
•           Click Fraud Analysis
•           SEM Keyword Portfolio Bid Price Optimization
•           Network Usage Analysis

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