Thursday, June 21, 2012

Using a Decision Framework to Drive Organizational Alignment - Free Webinar - July 18th

Using a Decision Framework
to Drive Organizational Alignment

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 @ 11:00 AM EDT

IBM Software Group and Decision Innovation, Inc. are pleased to invite you to join our free live webinar on July 18th to learn about key decisions that support and drive product portfolio management and how strategic alignment can be achieved. Decision Innovation’s Co-founders will introduce a decision management framework that can drive organizational alignment. 

They will show how this foundational approach can help you:
  • Manage the single largest source of costly hidden defects 
  • Enable and maintain alignment using a decision framework
  • Use strategic decisions to drive the business products and services portfolios

In this highly relevant webinar you will learn:
  • Common pain points/problems/mistakes in decision making
  • What is a decision framework and why it is so fundamental
  • How a decision framework creates alignment by design
  • How this approach provides a single version of the truth
  • Benefits of a simple decision making process
  • How IBM Rational Focal Point can support this approach

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  • Gary DeGregorio, CTO & Co-Founder, Decision Innovation, Inc.
    • Gary is CTO and co-founder of Decision Innovation, Inc. which is focused on providing services, tools and techniques for more effective business decision making. He has worked in the field of business system and software applied research for the past fifteen years with a focus on decision management, innovation and collaboration frameworks.
  • Keith Ten Brook, CEO & Co-Founder, Decision Innovation, Inc.
    • As a co-founder of Decision Innovation Inc, Keith brings an inquisitive and creative mind coupled with a successful executive business career in leading teams to develop new and innovative products. He is a lifelong learner with the ability to focus on solving problems and developing innovative alternatives.

Presented by Decision Innovation, Inc. (IBM Business Partner)
For more information contact: 
Gary DeGregorio |  1-224-795-7722 | 

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