Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watch on 9/6 at 1pm ET as @midmarketIBM hosts Future of #Cloud YouTube video chat w/ @fredmcclimans @stoweboyd

Join the IBM for Midsize Business Cloud Computing Futurecast: 2022 Video Chat on Thursday, September 6 at 1pm EDT! The video chat will be streamed live on the MidMarket YouTube channel.

Those who cannot watch can follow the commentary on @midmarketIBM Twitter feed using #futurecast. The user experience allows viewers to watch and comment on YouTube or chat along with the IBM Midmarket Twitter handle as a second screen experience.

The participants will be discussing the implications of cloud computing today and into the future as they see the world in 2022.

Topics include:
  • What is happening with cloud today & how are some midsize companies making innovative changes & profit because of affordable cloud technology working w/ IBM & IBM business partners?
  •  How will cloud look in 2022? 
  •  How will it effect business and the consumers?
  • 3 key items that will have a major effect on cloud by 2022?
  • What is the IBM cloud strategy for midsize business - why should they trust IBM & IBM BPs?
  • Moderator - Fred McClimans - McClimans Group/2020 Foundation - @fredmcclimans 
  • Alan Dickinson - IBM and contributor "Cloud for Dummies" 
  • Stowe Boyd - Work Talk Research: Speculative designer and expert on social tools and social business - @stoweboyd 
  • Q&A: Geoffrey Colon – Futurist Lab / Social@Ogilvy - @djgeoffe

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