Thursday, September 6, 2012

#BigData: Why It is a Big Deal to Your Business

IBM and NES present
"Big Data:  Why It Is a Big Deal to Your Business"
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

The Westin Waltham Hotel
70 Third Avenue
Waltham, MA

Wednesday, October 3rd,
8:30 am to 11:30 am EDT

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NES has over 30 years' experience with IBM business solutions across a wide range of businesses and industries and is prepared to answer questions specific to your needs.

Katy Dallas

Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data - some of it structured, most of it, unstructured. This is Big Data.

While Big Data presents a challenge, it also offers an enormous opportunity for new insights into your business and your customers. Today, IBM's Big Data platform leverages leading-edge technologies to open the door to a world of possibilities.

IBM's premier Big Data solution is Netezza, a purpose-built, standards-based data warehouse that architecturally integrates database, server and storage into a single, easy to manage system. Netezza is designed for rapid analysis of data volumes into the petabytes, delivering 10-100X performance improvements, at one third the cost of other options available from traditional database vendors.

Please join us for a breakfast seminar to discuss our Big Data strategy and to discover how your organization can gain a competitive advantage with IBM's Big Data solutions.

Topics to be covered include:
  • Business Value of Big Data & Customer Case Studies
  • Getting Started w/ Big Data 
    • Unlock your Big Data sources
    • Simplify your warehouse with deep Big Data analytics
    • Reduce costs with Hadoop
    • Analyze data in motion for real-time insight
    • Analyze raw data in its native format 
  • Why Netezza & Big Data Analytics 
    • Exploit the power and simplicity of a purpose-built appliance for high-speed analytics
    • Improve the quality and timeliness of business intelligence
    • Query data at lightning speed efficiently and economically 

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