Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Joan Gaeta Lung Cancer Fund Issues an Open Letter of Thanks to Their Supporters

Now that the first Lung Cancer Awareness License Plate in the world has officially been obtained and installed* (and now that the plates are available to the general public in Georgia) a sincere “Thank You” is in order.

That heartfelt “Thank You” goes out to all of our supporters.  This truly couldnot have happened without you.  Without your gifts of of time, treasure, and talent since our inception in 2007, this milestone could still be years away.  

Non-profit corporation status... Insurance...  Bonds... The infrastructure and manpower to collect, record, and reconcile each payment...  A hefty $25,000 deposit...  This is what it takes in Georgia to spread the word that “lung cancer matters” with a specialty license plate.  This is what it takes to raise awareness.This is what it takes to fight the stigma and to raise the esteem lung cancer patients, survivors, and family members.

We would not be able to do a any of this without your generosity and support.  

Donations... “Dancing for Joan” Tickets... Silent Auction Items... Artworkpurchases.  Volunteering... Without these things from you, our supporters, this could not have been pulled off.

And, rest assured, every dime of the $25 that we collect in manufacturing fees goes directly to lung cancer research (www.alcmi.net).

While we started our Fund in honor of our wife/mother/”Nana”, this license plate isnot about one person.  It is about the hundreds of thousands of people across the country – not just in Georgia – that have been affected by the #1 cancer killer.  It is about fighting the stigma.  It is about finding a cure.

So, once again, we thank you.  You were a big part.  The most important part.


The Joan Gaeta Lung Cancer Fund

P.S.   – We still need your help!  Get a plate!  Spread the word!  Not in Georgia?Consider a small donation!

* This distinction goes to Christina Gaeta Pink!

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