Monday, August 19, 2013

Use SW Upgrade & Support to Gain Competitive Advantage

Reasons to renew your IBM Software Subscription and Support

Access the latest IBM innovations and expertise
IBM Software Subscription and Support is a comprehensive product upgrade and technical support solution or your software. Delivered with each new software license and renewed annually, Software Subscription and Support provides online access to new versions and releases of your installed software as they are developed. You also get access to industry-leading technical support when and how you need it. Together, Software Subscription and Support can translate into a competitive advantage.

Help ensure that the software you have never grows old
Access product and capability enhancements throughout the product lifecycle. IBM spends more than USD 6 billion in research and development annually. Its product developers in more than 60 global laboratories deliver hundreds of software-enhanced products. Learn about new IBM software releases and features here.

Capitalize on new software features, functions and capabilities
Take advantage of solid business benefits by downloading new versions and releases of your licensed IBM Software. Migrating from older to newer versions of IBM software can provide measurable results, including increased productivity and reductions in cost and time. You can access product enhancements, new features and capabilities via Passport Advantage Online. And when you request Notifications, you’ll be among the first to know when something new is available.

Connect with IBM support 24x7
Available around the clock, dedicated IBM technical support specialists leverage their in-depth knowledge and technical expertise to help ensure that your software deploys smoothly and runs efficiently.

Receive an integrated and customized support experience
Access web tools and resources virtually anytime you need them via the IBM Support Portal, which you can find here. Choose from self-help, forums, downloads, troubleshooting and the IBM Support Assistant—a complimentary software offering that provides you with a workbench to help with problem determination. Spend less time searching and more time focusing on your support responsibilities.

Resolve support issues rapidly
With the online Service Request tool, available here, designated members of your staff can open, update and report on service requests (formerly called problem management records, or PMRs). You also have the flexibility to determine who in your organization can access the tool.

Determine your own severity level
You know your business better than anyone. That’s why IBM believes you should define a problem’s severity level based on how the issue affects your business.

Help manage IT cost and budget for the future
Stick to your budget with predictable costs. Tied to an anniversary date, your annual IBM Software Subscription and Support renewal is an expense you can build into your budget. If you are an IBM Passport Advantage® client, you can automatically accrue points with every renewal to help you achieve higher volume discount levels.

Maximize buying power with volume discounts
When you renew your Software Subscription and Support under the terms of your IBM Passport Advantage agreement, you earn points toward higher volume discounts and lower overall costs. IBM Passport Advantage Express® clients can reap the same benefits by enrolling in Passport Advantage or by migrating Passport Advantage entitlements to an existing Passport Advantage agreement. Learn more about Passport Advantage Express and Passport Advantage migration benefits here.

Choose the upgrade cycle that’s right for you
Enhanced 5+3 support provides more flexibility: you can expect a minimum of five full years of standard (defect and non-defect) technical support for your software from the date a product version or release was made generally available by IBM. You also have the option to purchase support extensions for at least an additional three years following a product’s end-of-support date.  The bottom line: you can decide whether and when to upgrade to a newer version or release on your own timeline, without facing the risk of running out of support before you’re ready to upgrade. View our new policy information here.

Extend your Software Subscription and Support benefits with
proactive, preventive, personalized support
Complement your existing Software Subscription and Support with the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program. By working with an assigned team that understands your business, you can identify ways to reduce costs and enhance productivity while improving your environment, staff skill set and processes to facilitate faster deployment, lifecycle leadership, risk mitigation and more. Plus, you can build your Accelerated Value Program contract to create a combination of services that fits your needs and your budget. You can read more about the Accelerated Value Program here.

Why IBM Software Subscription and Support?
Your IBM software is a business-critical asset, and maintaining IBM Software Subscription and Support is one of the most cost effective ways to protect your investment today and maximize return on your investment going forward. Take advantage of upgrades and unrivaled technical support. Extend the value your software delivers year in and year out. Renew your IBM Software Subscription and Support.

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