Friday, March 7, 2014

Take Advantage of a Free TSM V7 Migration!

As Tivoli Storage Manager 5.x and 6.1 go end of life in April, my friends at CHATR Data Solutions STORServer would like to offer to upgrade your environment for FREE with the purchase of any qualifying STORServer appliance.

Is it really FREE?
Yes! Because TSM 7 needs new, more powerful computing power, CHATR and STORServer can offer you an upgrade or migration to the latest version when they provide you with the appliance on which to host TSM. First, they install the new appliance with version 7 of TSM. Then they migrate your existing TSM server over to the new system, allowing you to have zero down time. Best of all, your staff does not have to spend weeks or months in planning and migrating.

Upgrade with a Guarantee
Not only will STORServer get your environment running on the most current version of TSM, but they will guarantee their work to the point of offering you a "Data Recovery Guarantee."  No one else in the IT market will claim to guarantee their work- that's what makes STORServer different.

Upgrade with a Purpose
STORServer will upgrade or migrate your TSM environment, allowing you to take advantage of all the new features and functions that come with the newest versions of TSM. Deduplication, node replication, high availability, and so much more will be added just by upgrading to the newest versions.

They are here to help you!

Upgrade made Easy
STORServer will install, configure, and build your environment to meet your exact needs. The custom build will allow free your team of administrators from the many man hours that it takes to get the new system up and running. We are so sure of the work that we include a 30-day guarantee.

Contact Me Today
If you are interested in finding out more about how STORServer can upgrade your TSM without wasting time or money, please contact me today.

This is a limited time offer and expires on April 31, 2014.

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