Monday, April 28, 2014

Free Webinar: Taking back your Storage Environment with IBM Virtual Storage Center (May 15th @ 2pm EDT)

The IBM Virtual Storage Center (VSC)  has long been recognized as the industry leaders in storage virtualization and data management.  VSC delivers enterprise-class disk storage virtualization providing clients with the ability to:
  • virtualize and efficiently manage storage systems...from all major vendors!
  • create opportunities to consolidate systems!
  • increase utilization up to 100%!
  • drive new levels of availability and significantly reduce storage costs!
  • enable non-experts to manage and provision storage assets!

With the recent announcement of VSC 5.2 the innovation continues!  This release delivers significant enhancements in function, including IBM's first to market automatic tiering capability that allows data movement between logical storage pools without impacting application availability.  VSC now incorporates IBM's best of breed "Intelligent Analytics" software to make migration recommendations based on historical performance!  This unique Tiered Storage Optimizer function has saved IBM millions of dollars in our own internal storage environment and we're now providing our clients with the same business opportunity.  VSC also allows clients to take advantage of IBM's Real Time Compression technology, which can reduce database storage requirements by up to 85%, redefining the meaning of an efficient storage strategy.

But don't just take our word for it...join us on May 15th at 2PM ET when IBM will be hosting a Customer Webinar on Virtual Storage Center.  This webinar will include a customer speaker who can attest to the business value of VSC and IBM's Real Time Compression technology as well as a technical expert who will give you a real time demonstration of how these technologies are transforming thousands of customers storage environments.

Click HERE to access the registration link to our webinar: 
Taking back your Storage Environment
with IBM Virtual Storage Center.  

I hope you will take just an hour out of your day on May 15th to explore the possibilities with us.

In addition to the many functional enhancements we've made, IBM announced in March the Virtual Storage Center Entry Edition providing clients with smaller storage infrastructures the opportunity to experience extraordinary savings from an offering built just for them.

I hope you find this information helpful as you consider ways to reduce your storage infrastructure spend. Feel free to contact me to schedule a mutually convenient time to discuss the benefits of a virtualized storage environment and opportunities to save you money.

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