Monday, August 18, 2014


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Lord knows there are VERY few people in this world are more cynical than me.  However, maybe that's why God invented children. Our kids had a lot of fun thinking about and doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was hard not to join in on their excitement.  

I get why some may find it annoying.  At another time/place I'm sure I would have, too. But, the results are irrefutable (> $15 million raised to date).  I recommend this article. It describes the success of the ALS Association effort, reassures us of the ALS Assocation's high-rating on Charity Navigator, and, most importantly reminds us of the HORRORS of the disease and the uphill battle they face.

As someone who is involved in raising awareness and money for a disease, I know first hand how INCREDIBLY hard it is.  Everyone has their own causes that are close to their hearts.  Getting them to part with some money for a cause that they may not have been personally been affected by is an extremely hard sell.  (And perfectly understandable - and relatable.)  So, seeing what the ALS Association has pulled off is truly amazing and should be applauded.

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