Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Miss the May 14 Messaging in a Box Webcast!

Messaging is a critical capability for most customers. IBM MQ has a strong history and large customer base, providing a messaging solution for over 20 years. There have been some excellent enhancements to IBM MQ recently, including the very notable launch of the IBM MQ Appliance. The MQ Appliance provides innovation in terms of ease of deployment, ease of maintenance, and especially ease of high availability with excellent capabilities. It provides tremendous savings in time to deployment.

The MQ Appliance includes powerful security support, including securing messages at rest as well as in flight. Truly, the MQ Appliance starts a new beginning for simplicity for messaging infrastructures -- a re-invention of enabling messaging deployments with excellent use cases to offer server consolidation, remote outpost deployments, and partner connectivity. In this webcast, we will review the importance of messaging, what elements make a good messaging system, and how the MQ Appliance provides a new level of automation, power, simplicity, and value for messaging.

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