Monday, August 24, 2015

An IBM Roadshow: Explore IBM Workload Automation 9.3

September 18th - Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Hybrid IT Automation powered by Analytics

Do you have control over the execution of your critical-business processes? Do you need to extend management of workload scheduling across a private or hybrid cloud? Is the length of your batch processing window too long? Can you easily add new workloads into your consolidated scheduling plan?

IBM Workload Automation helps you establish an enterprise workload automation backbone by driving composite workloads with pre-built applications integrations. Industry leader for more than 15 years, IBM Workload Automation (formerly known as TWS) is a highly scalable, fault tolerant solution that offers simplicity, end-to-end automation and cloud integration.

Discover how IBM Workload Automation allows you to go beyond central workload management and dynamic scheduling, with self service automation, predictive intelligence and out-of-the-box business application integrations.

Come and learn how to:
  • Simulate changes to critical jobs and immediately visualize the impact in a Gantt view
  • View the critical workload information on one at-a-glance dashboard 
  • Deploy fixes and job plugins to your agents with one click
  • Expand automation to SAP and other business applications
  • Closely manage short-running jobs down to the second
  • Use many other enhancements that increase flexibility and operational efficiency.

If you are an existing TWS distributed or z/OS customer, it is time to seize the opportunity to disrupt the traditional scheduling business-as-usual for better agility with modern automation. IBM Workload Automation version 9 can be the backbone technology for you to work in more impactful ways.

The new capabilities and enhancements apply to:
  • IBM Workload Automation (previously Tivoli Workload Scheduler) including
  • IBM Workload Scheduler for Applications, IBM Workload Scheduler z/OS.

The Agenda features:
  • Understanding IBM Workload Automation Family : Automation on Premises & on Cloud
  • What’s new in IBM Workload Automation version 9.3: Predict – Connect - Automate
  • Making Business Application Integration easier with plug-ins
  • Leverage Predictive Intelligence to anticipate problems and make informed, intelligent decisions
  • Explore new models of automation with IBM Workload Automation on Cloud.
  • Lunch and Q&A.

Intended audience is Workload Automation Administrators and schedulers, IT LOB Architects, Application Development Groups and IT Operations Managers Intended audience is Workload Automation Administrators and schedulers, IT LOB Architects, Application Development Groups, and IT Operations Managers

Important Info!
For your convenience, registration will begin at 9.00 a.m. This is a free one day session, will start at 9.30 and end at approximately 2.00 p.m.

Register today!  Seats are limited!  Contact me today to register!

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