Friday, August 4, 2017

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GFI Archiver: Email and file archiving in the same solution
Your business email and files contain key communications, confidential financial records and a host of other valuable business intelligence. If this data is deleted, lost or stolen, the consequences can be costly: Fines, legal troubles and a loss of customer trust are possibilities.

GFI Archiver enables you to automatically store all company emails and files in a central, secure environment that can be accessed quickly and searched easily.
With GFI Archiver, you can:
•Archive emails, files and calendar entries in one central, secure location without relying on third-party storage providers.
•Share files and folders, and automatically synchronize files between machines by using the File Archive Assistant (FAA)
•Improve productivity and reduce storage costs by eliminating the need for PST files and keeping just one central copy of an email and its attachments.
•Help with compliance and reduce legal risk with a complete, tamper-proof archive of all company email.
•Improve server performance and offer virtually unlimited mailbox size by maintaining your email history in a separate database.
•Identify business issues from the data in your email archive with the built-in MailInsights® reports.
•Grant “anytime, anywhere” access to business-critical emails instantly via laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Take advantage of these benefits by registering for a free 30-day trial. You can also contact us at to speak with a product specialist about how GFI Archiver can meet your company’s specific needs.
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