Monday, January 27, 2020

Ransomware Hacker Extortion Payment Reaches $84,000

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I'd like to draw your attention to this article I read this morning.

Among the piece's many interesting (and frightening) points, I find these most notable:
  • Average ransom payment: In Q4 2019, the average ransom payment increased by 104% to $84,116.  This was up from $41,198 in Q3. The median ransomware payment in Q4 was $41,179.
  • Ransomware downtime: In Q4 2019 the average downtime increased to 16.2 days from 12.1 days in Q3.
  • Common ransomware attack vectors: The mass availability of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) credentials to corporate networks for as little as $30 per IP address has made carrying out a targeted attack extremely cost-effective for the attackers. For larger enterprises, email phishing continues to be the preferred method of initial compromise.
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