Friday, April 17, 2020 "The Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes CISOs Might be Making Today"

This article was published today at and is very informative. I encourage you to read it. It highlights five things for cybersecurity leaders to consider when developing the right cybersecurity posture for their organization.

Below are those five items - along with how ControlScan can help.
MDR by ControlScan
Article:  How much time can I give? "...Perhaps someone else (who can be fully dedicated) should be chosen instead. Of all areas of responsibility, cybersecurity is one that has zero tolerance for error. Anything less than perfect performance, 24/7/365, can eventually be catastrophic..."
Joe Gaeta:  ControlScan's performs Managed Detection and Response for organizations that don’t have the bandwidth to keep a 24/7/365 watch over the security events in their IT environment. We efficiently and effectively supplement your organization’s security threat management efforts. 
Article:  Can my team manage our security solutions effectively? "...Administering security solutions can be tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.... [offloading this] increases the size of your team. You get additional team members, who are experts in cybersecurity, fighting off malicious elements on the web...."
Joe Gaeta:  ControlScan's team of senior security analysts working in our Security Operations Center identify intrusions as they are happening, so you can extract them from your environment before any damage is done:
  • Defining, implementing and updating security rules 
  • Running targeted threat hunting sequences to trace anomalies 
  • Examining alerts to separate true concerns from false positives 
  • Addressing and appropriately escalating threats in real-time 
Article:  Am I incurring unnecessary costs?  
Joe Gaeta:  In order to perform 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring in-house, a company would need to utilize AT MINIMUM three shifts of analysts and all the costs that implies - both financial as well as in the form of misallocated resources.  Working on forward-looking projects like securing that new revenue-generating app is a better use of your skilled cybersecurity professionals than monitoring your systems 24/7.
Article:  Am I up to date on the current landscape?  "...Unfortunately, many [CISOs] try to do the bare minimum, and think they’ll stay safe..."
Joe Gaeta:  ControlScan's Managed Detection and Response service is led by senior security analysts whose very job is to stay on top of the latest threats. Along with A.I., they put their knowledge and wisdom to work while monitoring our clients' environments.
Article:  Am I using the best approach? "...If your organization is still using on-premise web security, perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative..."
Joe Gaeta:  Indeed.

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