Saturday, June 13, 2020

Managed Endpoint Security from ControlScan

Stop advanced threats from infiltrating your systems.

As technology continues to advance, so does malware. Today’s advanced cybersecurity threats are bypassing traditional antivirus technology. Malware creators are becoming more innovative, creative and better funded. The proliferation of online accounts, integrated applications and devices allows multiple points for malware to enter a network and introduce even more challenges for IT administrators.

The Essential Solution for Endpoint Security

The ControlScan MDR Essential service provides the necessary next-generation endpoint protection for businesses to address today’s challenges in protecting valuable assets. Through the service, managed endpoint security helps prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats—including ransomware—by leveraging live threat data to identify as well as block and remove threats that traditional antivirus is unable to recognize.

Key benefits of the ControlScan MDR Essential Service

Using the power of real-time threat detection with constant threat feed updates, the ControlScan MDR Essential solution helps stop advanced threats from infiltrating your systems.

  • ControlScan has your back:  Our innovative endpoint software is managed and deployed by your team and then backed by the ControlScan Security Operations Center (SOC). 24x7x365 support provides assistance with managing and maintaining the security and protection of your assets. Each of your servers, desktops and laptops remain secure, because the ControlScan security operations specialists are available to assist your team with issues or questions at any time.
  • Reduced operating costs:  A breakdown in security can bring employee productivity to a halt, and this downtime can significantly impact your bottom line. Malware can attack multiple endpoints at once, taking weeks to exterminate, but with the ControlScan MDR Essential service, you can keep the gears of your business in motion and your valuable assets protected.
  • Next-gen innovative security solution:  In order to secure your organization, you need an additional layer of protection to help thwart targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats. The ControlScan MDR Essential service provides this additional layer of protection using innovative, best-in-class technology that delivers prevention and remediation through advanced artificial intelligence, behavioral monitoring, and the most advanced threat detection capabilities.
  • An agile security solution:  ControlScan MDR Essential offers protection for any size organization or IT environment. Moreover, our solution can grow and scale with your business.
  • Robust and comprehensive reporting:  You won’t feel in the dark or worry if your endpoint solution is deployed correctly. We provide real-time, self-service dashboards showing the deployments of your solution, along with proactive alerting if assets within your organization stop reporting for extended periods of time.
  • Baked-in compliance:  In order to achieve and maintain compliance with certain security and privacy standards, companies must actively manage antivirus and malware prevention systems and prove that the solutions are operational and up to date. The ControlScan MDR Essential service helps your business specifically comply with PCI DSS and HIPAA antivirus and host-based intrusion prevention requirements.

Why You Need the ControlScan MDR Essential Service

ControlScan takes a revolutionary approach to endpoint protection. It begins with a fully managed solution that is maintained by the award-winning ControlScan Security Operations team to actively detect and prevent security threats across your systems. Then, it extends beyond threat detection and prevention to include active response to threats, thereby quickly taking action to stop and clean up threats identified in your systems. 

By correlating threat indicators, the ControlScan MDR Essential service blocks system and application exploits, potentially unwanted apps, ransomware, and malicious code from negatively impacting your endpoints.

Core features include:
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware protection
  • Advanced Machine Learning exploit prevention
  • Ransomware detection and prevention
  • Advanced threat indicators of attack identification
  • In depth threat details and root cause analysis
  • Remediation and malware removal support

Ready to see how the ControlScan MDR Essential service can make your business more secure? Contact me today or schedule a call with me here.

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