Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The perfect CyberSecurity companion to your network's firewall...

Security is not about point solutions, it is about protection in depth.

There are new types of threats every day. Firewalls are essentialManaged Endpoint Security from ControlScan goes above and beyond.

Introducing MDR Essential from ControlScan.  

By combining MDR Essential with a firewall, you can replace traditional anti-virus and anti-malware software while adding 24x7x365 monitoring.

With MDR Essential from ControScan, you get:
  • Next Generation Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Anti-Ransomware
    • Backed by industry leading threat intelligence from Crowdstrike
    • All aspects of Policies, Whitelisting/Blacklisting, and Threat Intelligence management handled by ControlScan's Security Operations Center (SOC) team
    • Traditional Hash or Pattern based detection PLUS Behavioral Threat Detection through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Immediate Protection (No lead-up/training time.)
  • Incident Response
    • Up to 40 hours per month of hands-on incident response activities
      • Automated Response Actions do not count towards the 40 hours.
        • (95% of incidents are handled by automated response with Analyst oversight.)
      • Incident Response Hours Usage Includes:
        • Investigation of Potentially Malicious files or executables to determine Indicators of Attack or Compromise
        • Removal and Cleanup of Persistence mechanisms if necessary
        • Custom Requests
All this for $3.50 per Windows/MacOS/Linux endpoint per month!

Contact me today to learn more.

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