Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Even prior to Covid, the workplace was changing. Working from home. Working in the office. Working from a coffee shop. Working from a coworking space. A combination of all of these. As the world rebounds from the pandemic, that change is accelerating. Companies are providing their employees with a lot more choice in terms of how and where they work. The “company office” is quickly becoming but one of many locations where work happens.

Consequently, many companies are choosing to have an office footprint that is smaller than the size of the team using it. This is creating a new challenge: Managing access to the workplace, the use of desks, meeting rooms, and other resources - all while keeping employees engaged.

OfficeRnD Hybrid helps companies enable and facilitate desk booking, meeting space reservation, visitor management, and much more!

If you are a consulting firm helping companies navigate these uncharted waters of hybrid work - or any provider of services to companies looking to the future of work - and would like to learn more about our solutions and how you can become an OfficeRnD referral partner, book some time on my calendar here and let’s chat! 

Why Partner with OfficeRnD?

  • Satisfied Customers: Partnering with OfficeRnD will allow you to provide a best-of-breed workspace management solution for your clients.
  • Industry Insights: The OfficeRnD team has years of experience in the flexible and hybrid office industry. Partner with us to tap into that wealth of knowledge and work together on solution development and market penetration.
  • Improved Networking: Create new business opportunities and collaborations with other OfficeRnD business partners by leveraging our relationships.
  • Global Client Base Access: While you satisfy your client’s needs by marketing our solution to them, you can also market your solution to OfficeRnD’s global client base.
  • Lead Generation: As an OfficeRnD partner, you can benefit from promotion on our website and social media feeds.
  • Commission: Earn commission on the revenue you generate for OfficeRnD.

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