Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some ASL Basics

Application-Specific Licensing (ASL) is a contractual relationship in which an IBM Business Partner bundles IBM Software with their solution(s). The following bullets provide the key elements of this contractual go-to-market vehicle:
  • The IBM Software may be visible to the end user.
  • The IBM Software is restricted use and can only be used as part of the solution.
  • The Business Partner can ship the IBM software as part of its application worldwide.
  • The Business Partner retains the licenses to the IBM Software.
  • The Business Partner must provide Level 1 and Level 2 support.
This model does not conform to the traditional industry definition of OEM (i.e., deeply embedded) and is therefore being distinguished as the Application-Specific License model to reflect its primary characteristic which is that the IBM Software can only be used by the end user client with the Value Add Components that the Business Partner provides.

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p.s.:  As an IBM ASL Business Partner, sales of all new ASL licenses and/or new ASL Maintenance revenue earns you points toward your PartnerWorld membership level.

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