Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IBM Information Management and #ASL: Value for You and Your Client

Second in my "Value for You and Your Client" series of posts.

Here, I will focus on IBM's Information Management software brand.  I will show how these offerings - combined with an ASL Agreement - can positively affect your bottom line by offering a superior solution to your client and providing you with reduced development costs, greater account control, and increased revenue.

DB2 A lower total-cost-of-ownership database for ISVs than Oracle.  Your application can become more competitive by improving your client’s TCO.
  • 83% storage cost savings
  • 30 to 35% support cost savings
  • 50% more processing power with ½ the number of CPUs

Informix Deploy your application in multiple locations with little or no DBA support.  You can more readily sell and deploy large roll outs (e.g., Retail) since Informix was engineered to be integrated with distributed ISV applications.  Informix requires a very low amount of DBA support.
  • 90%+ administrative savings
  • 50% fewer outages

Optim Reduce time and complexity of application upgrades.  Works with Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Sybase.  You can more easily sell and provide version upgrades to your existing client base.
  • 50% reduction in customer downtime during upgrade

solidDBAccess data in memory for dramatic performance improvement.  Works with Oracle.  Your application can use standard SQL to increase response time and throughput by accessing data in memory.
  • Tens of thousands of transactions per second.

Federation ServerAccess and integrate diverse data sources as though they were a single local source.  Your application can more easilyt integrate with your client’s environment by accessing data where it currently resides.
  • 40 to 65% reduction in integration coding.

Change Data CaptureSynchronize data without impacting production systems.  Your application can sense and respond to data changes caused by other applications or events.

Traceability ServerTrack and trace product or asset information.  Your application can more readily meet your client’s safety and recall requirement s by tracing and tracing products and assets (e.g. Food recall).

Global Name Recognition Improve your client’s confidence in name data.  If you have a risk-compliance application, you can recognize variances in names, across cultures.

MDM ServerCentralize disparate data sources for use by your solution.  Your applications can deliver business insights when a consistent and standardized view of client data is required.

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