Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#IBMRational and #ASL: Value for You and Your Client

Fifth in my "Value for You and Your Client" series of posts. Here, I will focus on IBM's Rational software brand.

Rational Functional Tester and Rational Quality Manager:  Integrated testing of you applications at the time of deployment to ensure timely customer application acceptance, customer satisfaction and quick time to value.

  • Ensure the quickest acceptance of applications and upgrades.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction by including functional testing as part of their application deployment.

Rational AppScan Source Edition:  Ensure the security of your applications before, during, and after your customers' deployment.

  • Ensure applications and upgrades, when customized and deployed by your customers, are safe and secure for web operation.

Rational Team Concert, Rational ClearCase, and Rational ClearQuest, Rational Doors:  Enable seamless configuration management of code changes during application customization and implementation.

  • You can enable your customers to ensure the integrity of any and all changes made when customizing your applications for deployment.

Rational Software Architect + Deployment Extension + Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere:  Automate the deployment of complex applications (especially WebSphere-based apps) to optimize customer acceptance.

  • Ensure the quickest and easiest acceptance of complex applications and upgrades to maximize customer satisfaction, by automating deployment

Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality ManagerRational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Rational AppScan: Provide Software as a Service offerings in three key target areas:  Software Collaboration, Software Testing, and Web Application Security Testing

  • Build value-added hosted services offerings to complement your resale offerings and tap into new whitespace markets

Rational Compilers for z and Power:  Increase ROA (Return on Assets) and reduce capital expenditures for z and Power clients implementing new applications.

  • In new and upgrade HW scenarios, customers are assured maximum processor utilization and application performance.

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