Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another ASL Success [#ISV #IBMCoud]

IBM DB2 Database Software Now Available For ISVs On GoGrid’s Cloud Infrastructure 

Originally published on DailyMarkets.com.

GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced that a GoGrid Server Image with IBM(R) DB2(TM) database software is now available to help independent software vendors (ISVs) build DB2 powered applications on the cloud in minutes.

With GoGrid’s new, unique, advanced billing and license management technology, ISVs can create solutions using multiple value-add applications and provide customers with a consolidated monthly invoice that includes GoGrid’s infrastructure, DB2 and any additional ISV license fees. This process enables ISVs to deliver their software in the cloud, improve their end customer experience through fast, seamless deployment and gain broad marketability across GoGrid’s user base community.

“For our ISVs, simplifying IT infrastructure and deploying applications securely and seamlessly is a very compelling value proposition,” said Mark Worsey, executive vice president of Technology, GoGrid. “Making DB2 available on the GoGrid Exchange is a great step in delivering on the real value of cloud computing. DB2 is ideally suited for cloud environments and combined with GoGrid’s partner exchange platform, ISVs benefit from a seamless process for deploying DB2-based solutions rapidly while only charging their customers only for what they actually consume.”

GoGrid entered an application specific licensing agreement with IBM to deploy DB2 on the GoGrid Exchange. A major advantage is the unique billing and license management system that enables end-customers to receive a consolidated GoGrid invoice each month that covers infrastructure, IBM and ISV license fees. ISVs also have the option to pay for IBM licenses directly through GoGrid or pass the fees on directly through to the customer. ISVs then receive recurring revenue payments for their software in the mail.

“The DB2 GoGrid Server Image is a great example of how GoGrid is lowering the barrier of entry for software providers interested in expanding their businesses with cloud solutions,” said Jeffrey Samuels, Chief Marketing Officer, GoGrid. “DB2 combined with GoGrid’s billing and licensing system opens up an exciting new business opportunity. We are enabling ISVS to better service the needs of their clients by offering trusted IBM software with the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-based business model.”

The GoGrid Exchange is a diverse marketplace of cloud solutions where partner-created images are sold, bought or shared across the GoGrid community. The GoGrid Exchange provides ISVs with a simple process for cloud-enabling their existing software applications while also protecting their intellectual property. With the GoGrid Exchange, customized partner images are listed in a catalog that customers can browse and select software and solutions they want to include when provisioning their virtual machines. Because partner images can be provisioned in minutes, customers can drastically reduce the time it takes to get new applications and solutions up and running in the cloud.

For more information on how to leverage this new IBM DB2 Server Image on GoGrid, please visit: http://go.gogrid.com/IBM-ISV.

For more information on IBM's Application-Specific Licensing program, contact Joe Gaeta today at jagaeta@us.ibm.com or 770-863-1493.

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