Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Streamline Processes, Reduce Costs and Ensure Continuous Compliance with IBM Endpoint Manager

IBM can help your organization deliver greater value back to your business.  We do this by compressing processes from months to minutes, by reducing infrastructure costs by the millions, and by insuring continuous compliance of operational, security, and regulatory mandates.

To accomplish this, we provide for a unified management platform comprised of a single resource-efficient agent and a single unified management console that provides operators the ability to have real-time visibility and control over any endpoint - servers, laptops, PCs, Macs, ATMs, Kiosks, you name it.  To do all this, we need a single management server to support over 250,000 endpoints.

Using this unique solution, our clients are quickly and cost-effectively finding and fixing problems in minutes across any endpoint - whether it's on their corporate network or off, whether it's virtual or it's physical.

We call this solution IBM Enpoint Manager and, simply, it just works.

Contact me today to learn more and to set up an online presentation and demonstration.

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