Monday, October 8, 2018

Security and compliance start here! Partner with us today.

At ControlScan, we’ve got your back. ControlScan delivers security and compliance solutions that make it easy for merchants to secure sensitive data and achieve compliance. Our team of credentialed experts is highly responsive, so when they have questions, we’ll be there. By taking security and compliance off their plate, merchants can focus on what they do best – running their business!

Security and compliance start here. Our mission is to help businesses secure their networks, protect sensitive data, and achieve compliance. As a Managed Security Service Provider, our team becomes your customer’s team, enabling them to predict, protect, and defend against the latest security threats.  Every technology, service, and piece of advice we deliver helps merchants secure their business and achieve compliance.

At ControlScan, we have three pillars of our business:

·         World Class Service and Partnership Focus
o   “No Limits” Merchant Support Center
o   Thought Leadership Collaboration
o   Dedicated Success Manager Assigned to Enterprise Account
·         Multi-Layered Customization
o   Branding, Customized Communication, and Support Strategies
o   Simplified PCI Process for Merchants; Streamlined SAQ and Suppressed Questions
·         Enterprise-Class Security
o   One-Stop Shop for PCI Security and Compliance Delivering User-Friendly Experience
o   Merchant Access to Security Expertise and Consultative Services to Understand Options

ControlScan offers a wide breadth of services in three categories….

·         Managed Compliance Services
o   Customized SAQ Portal
o   ASV Scanning
o   Breach Protection
o   Market Strategy Consultation
o   Merchant Engagement Outreach
·         Managed Security Services
o   Unified Threat Management
o   Endpoint Security
o   Managed Detection and Response
o   Managed SIEM/FIM
o   Network Services
·         Security Consulting Services
o   Senior-Level PCI-Qualified Security Assessors on Staff
o   Network Penetration Testing
o   Risk Assessment
o   Report on Compliance (RoC)

Our partner program assists you in deploying security services...
  • Path to Compliance:  Easier path to compliance for your merchants through scope reduction
  • Speed to Market:  Increased speed to market with new products and services
  • Upgrade Opportunities:  For merchants processing through antiquated terminals
  • Limit Transaction Loss:  Limited transaction loss through up-time monitoring and fail-over internet connections.

As your partner, we are dedicated to your merchants….
  • Merchant Support:  High-tough merchant support with goal of single call resolution
  • Support and Access:  Scanning support and direct access to managed security service engineers
  • Merchant Outreach:  Knowledgeable representatives continually trained to assist merchants to achieve compliance
  • Onsite Contact Center:  High visibility with read access to executives and experts from corporate HQ in Atlanta, GA

Merchant Benefits:  Secure Network Design

Merchant Benefits:  Disciplined Management

ControlScan supports your merchants through the full network security lifecycle.  We offer comprehensive project management services including network design, deployment, installation, monitoring, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance of their network.  We ensure you merchants:
  • Employ best practices
  • Adopt the latest, best-in-breed technology
  • Have access to security experts to manage, monitor, and maintain security on an ongoing basis

Merchant Benefits:  Ease of PCI Compliance

By utilizing PaySafe UTM, ConstrolScan assumes responsibility for requirements 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 and the PCI DSS 12 Steps for Compliance.  When implemented in conjunction with the ControlScan SAQ Solution, assumed sections of compliance are automatically pre-populated to decrease the amount of time and effort to self-attest.

Check out the case study from Food Giant:

For more information on how partnering with ControlScan can greatly benefit your customers – and you – don’t hesitate to contact me today!

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