Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Building a Sustainable Hybrid Workplace Model

Studies are showing that most companies will allow their employees to work from wherever they want - for half of the time. The rest will be spent in collaborative spaces where company culture is enforced and the sense of belonging is established.

Hybrid and flex work are here to stay because employees demand it. To keep up with the trend, companies would need to provide the proper solution. 

OfficeRnD dug deeper into the matter of building a sustainable hybrid workplace model and created a go-to guide for managing the future of work. You can download the e-book HERE.

Our insights:

  • Benefits of a hybrid workplace model include lowered costs, high productivity, fostering creativity and company culture, and sustainability overall.
  • With the right all-in-one software you can make easy and seamless transitions for your employees - who’s coming when, manage meeting rooms, even track the path of a Covid-19 positive employee.
  • Technologies offered to employees and the business processes around the workspace can convey and foster company values and culture

Are we missing something? And how do you envision the future of your work?

Read the full study in our e-book, Building A Sustainable Hybrid Workplace Model

Find out what kind of solutions and good practices the platform has to offer as well as more information on what obstacles you can overcome with it.

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