Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#IBMTivoli and #ASL: Value for You and Your Client

Third in my "Value for You and Your Client" series of posts. Here, I will focus on IBM's Tivoli software brand.

I will show how these offerings - combined with an ASL Agreement - can positively affect your bottom line by offering a superior solution to your client and providing you with reduced development costs, greater account control, and increased revenue.

IBM Service Delivery Manager (ISDM) and Virtual Server Protection (VSP):  A cloud computing platform for ISVs and SPs with cloud solutions 
  • ISDM provides the basic function required for any Cloud Computing environment Provisioning of resources Usage and Accounting Monitoring for Availability 
  • VSP provides the security functionality required for Virtual environments
Storage, Security, and Availability
  • Tivoli provides user and access security as well as compliance, data protection and high availability solutions which add value to IM, AIM and Lotus solutions.
  • For solution providers managing assets across industries in a highly available environment.
Netcool, NW Config Management, Storage: Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Meter Data Management Solution Providers
  • For providers focused on AMI and ADM.
  • Tivoli provides basic to advanced Network Management and Config Management for AMI and the Storage and Availability Solutions for ADM
Tivoli Endpoint Manager (formerly Big Fix):
  • For Managed Service Providers that require a solution that enforces continuous compliance across endpoints, automatically assessing, reporting and remediating to bring devices into proper configuration.
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