Friday, May 29, 2015

Unlock Workload Automation: Hybrid IT scheduling and Intelligent Job Prediction at your hands. [Webinar]

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 11:00 AM EST
What if you had the possibility to run any type of workload, On Premises or Cloud, from a single point of control?  What if you could predict with confidence your job's duration and the impact of changes in your workloads?

We are in an era of accelerated industry innovation and transformation. Forces such as data, social media and cloud services are enabling this change. Transformation drives the need for cutting-edge automation to control and maintain business processes, and magnify operational efficiency. Cutting-edge automation must serve IT and Business users, with flexible and consumable services approaches, and with intelligent capabilities to support decision making at every level.

IBM Workload Automation evolved dramatically in the past year. It enables new models of automation for hybrid IT and continuously delivers scheduling flexibility, to empower IT to drive business transformation for the organization. Automation is consumable as a service, both for a greater range of users and applications, and for rapid delivery of business services, while maintaining autonomy for business users.

And the journey continues with predictive intelligence to anticipate problems and make informed, intelligent decisions. Embedded analytics use historical plan information to predict job durations, with no manual work or switching context. Analytics exploit historical workload trends to help organizations understand the impact of changes to business-critical services.

It’s time to seize the opportunity to disrupt the traditional scheduling business-as-usual for better agility with modern automation. IBM Workload Automation Version 9 can be the backbone technology for you to work in more impactful ways.
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The Speaker
Alexandra Thurel
IBM Workload Automation Product Manager

Join this session presented by Alexandra Thurel, IBM Workload Automation Product Manager, to get the insights on the latest innovation in Workload Automation domain, and learn how to drive more business value from IBM Workload Automation.

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