Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Application-Specific Licensing FAQs [#ISV #IBMPartners]

Q:  What is ASL?
A:  Application-Specific License is a business model available to IBM Business Partners in which the partner purchases IBM licensed products to bundle into their solution(s). The partner purchases the licenses directly from IBM.  The IBM licenses are restricted for use only within the partner’s total solution and are sold as part of the partner’s solution - not as part of separate agreement, such as under the resell model. The partner retains ownership of the IBM license and provides Level 1 and Level 2 support to its customers.

Q:  What types of Business Partners are eligible ASL Partners?
A:  ASL partners are partners who have applications or solutions that they develop and sell to their customers. The IBM components are a part of the total solution they provide. The types of partners that offer these types of solutions include:
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Systems Integrators (SIs )
  • Technology Partners
  • Application, platform and infrastructure service providers
  • Application Developers

Q:  Why Would an IBM Business Partner want to leverage the ASL model?
A:  Business partners get the following benefits from the ASL model:
  • To their clients – the ASL partner can deliver IBM software along with their solutions in one contract.  Clients want a bundled solution with a single point of contact.
  • ASL partners want to manage the entire client relationship including technical support.
  • ASL contracts allow the partner to ship worldwide.
  • ASL partners want either fixed price or declining price over the contract life.
  • Clients get up and running faster with pre-bundled middleware stack.
  • ASL partners reduce their development/training costs using IBM software.

Q:  Can an ASL Partner also be a reseller or another type of Partner?
A:  Yes. ASL is not a type of partner, but rather a contracting option a business partner chooses to use to distribute IBM software. For example, an ISV is the type of partner. ASL is the type of contract they sign. That same ISV can also be a reseller.

Q:  Are ASL and OEM the same?
A:  No. ASL (Application-Specific License) is based on the foundation of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) business model. We differentiate ASL and OEM in the following ways:
  • The Application-Specific License (ASL) model enables partners to bundle IBM software into their solutions with the partner's brand; the IBM software could be visible to the end user client. This new, simplified, ASL model enables partners to deliver a complete, bundled solution with negotiated pricing based on their terms, worldwide.
  • OEM is typically a model where a Technology Partner deeply embeds IBM middleware into a hardware appliance like a cell phone, ATM machine, or even a car. The end user doesn't know that they are using IBM software in the solution.

Q:  How do ASL partners buy IBM software?
A:  ASL partners buy their licenses directly from IBM ASL sales reps.

Q:  Why does the end user benefit from buying the IBM sw from the ASL partner?
A:  The end user buys a complete partner solution, not software "piece parts". Thus, the end user has a single point-of-contact rather than having to call multiple vendors for support. Moreover, there is only one contract to sign.

Q:  Where can a partner or a prospective partner get information on ASL?
A:  Contact Joe Gaeta at 770-863-1493 or jagaeta@us.ibm.com.

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