Thursday, July 30, 2015

IT Uncensored: APM Insights from the Front Lines

The following was originally published on IBM's Service Management 360 Blog by the Service Management team on July 29th, 2015
As Product Manager for IBM Application Performance Management (APM), Tim Bouhour has plenty of advice for IT professionals on his cool APM solution. He’s got a history with Middleware, so he’s seen it evolve into product that amazes him and impresses his friends.

#1 Survival Tip for Every New IT manager
Listen up IT people: Tim’s an expert that knows how frustrating it can be to chase application management fires and bear the brunt of an end user’s ire. The best skill an IT manager can acquire is to be predictive and proactive in embracing change. Disasters in the IT department get people yelling – see them coming and you’ll eliminate the noise. It’s better to manage the small red flags that indicate a problem’s on the horizon.

Middleware Coolness
Tim knows the IBM Application Performance Management inside and out. He’s in a position to tell you what’s awesome about the solution, even when it’s nothing more than a sign that says “Here’s the issue.” Tim has seen APM tools actually find a single line of code that’s responsible for an application mishap. What’s cooler than receiving a notification from your application management software that tells you there’s a problem and how to fix it?
Plus, IBM’s APM is a breeze to implement, according to Tim. His history includes installations that take days and armies of experts. Now, IBM Application Performance Management can be up and running in 30 minutes, through the efforts of a team of one.

APM is Dressed to Impress
Tim loves to leave his friends in awe of all that Application Performance Management does for business critical applications. What does he tell them that makes jaws hit the ground? The high levels of service for end users. His friends are impressed that the IBM team releases new APM features every month – not once or twice a year. They’re always rolling and providing new value with continuous delivery.

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