Friday, September 28, 2018

PaySafe UTM Firewall Service from ControlScan

Fully managed, cloud-based networking and security.
Designed to protect your business.

The Business Owner's Security Challenge
The IT threat landscape is more complex than ever before.  Hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in their attacks and employ a variety of techniques - including malware, viruses, and phishing schemes - to target their victims.  Ensuring that your business is secure and protected against outside threats is not just important - it is essential to surviving in today's business world.

  • 47% of all breaches are caused by malicious or criminal attacks.
  • In 2015, 430 million new, unique pieces of malware were discovered.
  • The average cost of a data breach is $170 for each record compromised.

Improperly or mismanaged firewalls continue to be one of the easiest ways for attackers to enter your network and wreak havoc.  It is critical that network firewalls are properly managed, maintained, and monitored.  This requires an IT resource with specialized skills and the bandwidth to keep rules and configurations up-to-date while monitoring traffic and alerts.

Introducing Your Business's New Security Team
ControlScan takes the headache out  of maintaining your crucial first line of defense against malicious threats with our next generation PaySafe Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall Service.  We will ensure that critical environments containing sensitive information and payment card data are well protected.  Your PaySafe UTM Firewall Service will be configured correctly, continually monitored, and be in compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and HIPAA. You'll also enjoy critical security features such as:

  • Anti-virus/phishing:  to detect and black malware, trojans, and phishing websites
  • IDS/IPS:  to alert to and prevent suspicious network traffic
  • VPN:  to ensure secure, encrypted traffic between locations
  • Content filtering:  to filter URLs using locally downloaded or full hosted database ("top sites")

Take security off your to-do list.  Let us manage it for you.
With ControlScan's PaySafe UTM Firewall Service, you add a solution and a skilled support team that:

  • Ensures firewalls are implemented for maximum security as well as straight-forward compliance with standards like PCI and HIPAA
  • Updates and upgrades firewall firmware to protect against the latest threats
  • Remotely monitors all firewalls for alerts and unexpected events
  • Maintains firewall rules to keep pace with changes in you network
  • Delivers analysis on what's happening in your network and whether you should be worried
  • Provides a full lifetime hardware warranty with next-day advanced replacement.

An MSSP That's Got  Your Back
The ControlScan PaySafe UTM Firewall Service is the best of breed managed security solution tailored for your organization.  ConstrolScan is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and specializes in delivering technical expertise and security know-how required to keep your organization secure and compliant.  We offer custom solutions and additional features - including wireless access points and 3G/4G fail-over service - to accommodate the unique needs of your practice or organization, regardless of size.

As your MSSP partner, we alleviate the administrative burden resulting from the ongoing management of a UTM firewall device and work to ensure the security of your network.  The Management Service benefits of ControlScan PaySafe UTM Firewall Service include:

  • Decreased network management costs
  • Ongoing monitoring and real-time response to alerts and threats
  • Reduced risk of malware exposure to critical systems
  • Limited transaction loss through up-time monitoring and fail-over internet connections
  • Reduced scope of compliance by isolating systems within the network

About ControlScan
ControlScan is the Managed Security Service Provider with a difference: We take a proactive approach to protecting businesses from cyber threats while helping ensure their compliance with security and privacy standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH. Our unified security and  compliance services deliver confidence to millions of businesses as well as the IT professionals who serve them. Merchant service providers and web hosting companies also partner with us to reduce cybercrime-related business risk. Based in Atlanta, ControlScan is supported by a worldwide base of customers, partners and strategic alliances.

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