Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to effectively manage security of your mobile devices across your organization...

Are you concerned with managing the security of all of your mobile devices as they access more and more sensitive systems and data? Many organizations are also embracing “bring your own device,” or BYOD, programs, which increase the potential security risk by multiplying the amount of devices that must be supported by orders of magnitude. As the growth of device types and platforms continues, security becomes even more important, as the amount of native security controls and enterprise management of those controls across different OS platforms can force cost and risk to spiral out of control. Add to that an increased focus on mobile OS malware, and mobile devices can become a serious security and compliance concern.

Fortunately, IBM has a solution to these issues. Built on the venerable BigFix platform which is used to manage millions of endpoint laptops, desktops and servers at thousands of organizations worldwide, IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices provides a single point of mobile device security management, using the same server and console that manages over 80 other platforms. IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices provides the following capabilities:

  • Security configuration setting and enforcement across all device types and platforms
  • Full and partial device wipe capabilities
  • Jailbreak and root detection
  • Blacklisted application detection
  • Ability to disable certain device functions (such as e-mail access, camera, and encryption) based on policy (or if devices fall out of policy)
  • Access via a variety of mechanisms including email (ActiveSync/Lotus Traveler), management APIs and native “micro agents”

Contact me at ibm.com/myrep/jagaeta to learn more.

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