Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ControlScan Now Offers Its Managed Detection and Response Services to Businesses Using Microsoft Office 365

Real-time security monitoring of on-premise and cloud-based environments helps resource-constrained businesses avoid cybercrime.

ATLANTA, Dec. 12, 2018 - ControlScan, a leader in managed security and compliance solutions that help secure networks and protect payment card data, today announced that its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services are now available to businesses utilizing Microsoft Office 365. The move further assists businesses that struggle with timely threat detection and incident response due to a lean IT staff and/or limited information security expertise.

An additional risk for businesses with Office 365 implementations is the lack of visibility to systems and data flows in the cloud, which can create a security monitoring gap. This is especially true of businesses that have not invested in the higher-priced license levels. The ControlScan MDR service works with all Microsoft Office 365 license models and includes 24x7 security monitoring and event correlation, file integrity monitoring (FIM) and more.

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“Deploying Office 365 provides limited insights to your account activity, but without significant licensing increases, there’s no way to monitor and detect for malicious behaviors,” said Tom Callahan, Director of Operations, MDR, ControlScan. “ControlScan adds the
real-time threat monitoring and intrusion detection layer, while also capturing historical account activity so you can perform audits or
forensics at any future date.”

Analysts in the ControlScan 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) provide continuous monitoring to the customer’s Office 365 environment activity in real-time, analyzing contextual information and watching for advanced security threats, such as file changes and other unusual activity in SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as correlating with the threat behavior activity Microsoft provides with their more advanced licensing models. If any malicious or unwanted activity is detected, the SOC analysts immediately go to work to contain and remediate it.

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